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This tutorial serves as a guild in setting up a secure wifi with WPA2-AES for P1  DX-230 Modem.

Lets get started:

1. Click on the start botton on your desktop and type cmd and press enter to open the command prompt.

fig 1

2. On your command window, issue the following command netstat -r -n to view the network information and also to get to get the IP (internet protocol) address of your computer.

fig 2

 3. Under the IPv4 Route table trace the IP number which is located  right under the Gateway colume. refer to the picture below. 

fig 3

4. Once you have obtain your IP address from the above instruction, open your web browser, on the address bar type the exact IP number obtained and press the enter key, this will load the webpage of the router for login. the default username and password for the router is written in the router manual. 

fig 4

5. Once acess is granted, the below page will be displayed, click on the Networking botton which is located on the top right hand side of your page.

fig 5

6. The page shows the P1 default settings, ignor those setting and click on the Next button to continue to the next page.

fig 6

7. This page shows the common settings and the default security settings of the router, under the common settings, the SSID is just for the prefered name you wish to use for the network, it can be your name or any name you choose to use. 
Under the security settings, the default setting for the security mode is WEP. WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy, one of the limitations of WEP is the short key length of about 24bits which can be hacked in few minutes or few hours on a busy network.
The WEP key can be obtained right at the bottom of the router refer to fig 8.

fig 7

fig 8

8. Click on the select botton and choose WPA2 - PSK, this stands for Wifi Protected Access 2 using Pre Shared Key. It is a method of Authenticating a network with the use of the optional Pre shared key authentication. this is designed for private and home users without an enterprise authentication server.

fig 9

9. Once the WPA2-PSK is selected refer to fig 9, the Auth mode automatically bear WPA2-PSK

fig 10

10. Change the Encryp Type to ASE, this stands for Advanced Encryption Standard. this type of encryption uses This uses an algorithm of 3 cipher keys strength or 256 bit encryption there by making cracking  the network impossible. 

fig 11

11. Change the WPAPSK to a prefered to a prefered password thats make it hard for an unautorized user to guess, it is highly encourage to mixed up characters, uppercase letters, lower case letters and number so as to form a password that no one can guess since the encryption above have made craking the network impossible. 
fig 12

Now you can enjoy a very secure and safe network that is hard to crack or access by unauthorized user.  

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